Our Story 


The idea of Insight Integrative Health & Wellness came to light in the fall of 2015 after the Regan Family battled multiple chronic and mental health issues. A grandfather battling stage 4 lung cancer, a mother with chronic lyme disease, and a son battling heroin addiction. When modern medicine was failing them, it took strength, courage, and intense research to find the integrative medicine that would later aid all three family members to recovery. These therapies were hard to find in the Northeast and were certainly not found all in one place. Driving hours and spending thousands of dollars to heal and find optimal wellness, the Regan's realized a need for an all encompassing Integrative Health & Wellness Center. The grandfather was able to shrink his tumors by 80% through Red Light Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy which allowed his doctor to perform surgery and remove the tumors. Andy has been in remission since 2013. Lynn was able to use a multitude of services that relieved her intense pain from the Lyme and allowed her body to heal quicker. She has been in remission since 2013. Daniel Regan found recovery from his heroin addiction in 2012 through a combination of clinical therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback and vibratory therapy, yoga, meditation, float therapy, and balancing his neurotransmitters and vitamin deficiencies. Daniel has since opened a nonprofit to help families battling addiction and a clinical treatment center. Insight Integrative Health & Wellness is a family owned & operated business in the heart of the central New Jersey. 


1. Please remove your shoes: We ask that you remove your shoes prior to entering the office to help us maintain an optimal healthy environment free of road dust dirt and debris. We provide indoor slippers for your visit.

2. Quiet please: Please speak softly as you enter and exit the office in the reception area.

3. Fragrance policy: please arrive newly showered, or come early and use our amenities so you may be free from perfumes, colognes and heavy cosmetics. A warm shower also aides in your increased relaxation prior to your appointment.



+ Notification of Appointment

You will receive an email, and text if you choose, about your upcoming appointment the moment you book your appointment. You must receive a notification whether the appointment is booked online or directly from our front desk to ensure an appointment has been reserved for you.

+ Confirmation of Appointment

An appointment confirmation email will be sent to you 48hrs prior to your appointment. At this time you have the opportunity to make changes to your scheduled appointment. Two hours prior to your appointment you will receive a text reminder if you have opted to receive text notifications.

+ Running late?

Please arrive at your scheduled time. If you are a new client, an additional 15-20 minutes is added to your session to discuss any health issues with the therapist prior to the beginning of the massage. If you are late for your massage appointment you will be provided as much massage time as available within the scheduled time slot. You will, however, still be charged the full amount for your scheduled session.

+ Multiple Services?

Multiple services or parties requiring three or more services to be held on one date will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit toward all services.

+ Booking appointments?

Multiple services or parties requiring three or more services to be held on one date will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit toward all services. All appointment requests require a credit card or payment information (gift card, member number, etc) to reserve your requested appointment date and time.

+ Cancellations

By scheduling an appointment with Insight you have agreed to our cancellation policy. You will receive an email notification 48 hours prior to your appointment with options to reschedule, providing it was not made on the same day.

It is suggested and customary to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance either by phone or email or directly through the confirmation email received 48hrs prior to your appointment. Failure to request rescheduling with less than 24hours notice or same day cancellations and “no-shows” will result in charging for the session. Payment on file, which may a pre paid series of services or gift card credit etc, would be charged as payment for the session. Any promotional incentive would not apply to a future session.

+ Payment

Payment is due upon receipt of services. Rates are subject to change without notice and may differ from time of reservation to time of checkout when payment is actually due. Cash, checks and major credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. Please make checks payable to Insight Integrative Health & Wellness Center LLC. An electronic receipt may be sent to you for your convenience and consideration for the planet.

+ Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct is forbidden. Client understands that any illicit or sexually aggressive remarks, advances or gestures will result in the immediate termination of the session and will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment.